Welcome to our website.


Welcome to our website.

Our company purchases frozen tuna caught from seas all over the world and processes it into a variety of items including ingredients for some of Japanese most favorite "SUSHI". All of the ingredients are processed using our newest hygiene supervision system in our highly modernized factory.

For familiar sliced raw fish in a supermarket, we have "fillet processing" and "loin processing" preceding it. We also have special processing to make chopped fatty tuna and tuna rib. We have a variety of processing skills, which is a quite rare in this field. We deal with all kinds of fish, from large to small, from fatty tuna to lean tuna, and from mass-production to custom small orders.

We serve our products to dozens of major fishery companies, and we are expanding our market every year by making our own purchases and selling our original products.

We also run and operate Japanese restaurants in order to improve our processing technology and to increase our marketability. On top of that, we run a consulting business for companies to improve their hygienic food preparation.

In 2011, we established our first foothold into Asia by opening a office in Taiwan. This allows us to develop our Asian marketability and to advance our globalization.

Keep an eye on us in the future!

Oriental Foods Co.Ltd

Masanobu Miyamoto,CEO